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‘Anybody Home’ Sculpture Update

Anybody Home sculpture

I’m very happy to report that as of April 5, 2017, Betton Hills residents have contributed $1,075 to ourpurchase of the Proctor sculpture Anybody Home! That’s 40% of our $2,750 goal! The actual cost of the sculpture is $5,500. With the BHNA 1:1 match, our total to date is: $2,150 of the $5,500.

The contributions have come from 15 residents, making the average contribution around $70. The range is from $20 to $200. First week contributions totaled $470; the second week totaled $605, so we’re on a roll!

Keep it up folks! This will be a great sculpture for kids’ pictures. It’ll be placed by the bridge for easy viewing, petting, and playing.

To contribute: Send a check to Tallahassee Friends of Our Parks Foundation, 1201 Myers Park Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32301. Write “BHNA” in the memo line to allocate the contribution correctly.


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