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Sculpture Update: We Did It!!

Fundraising successful for “our” sculpture:  Full Team Austin!

Full Team Austin:  We Own It!

I’m happy to report that we’ve reached – and actually exceeded – our fundraising goal for the Full Team Austin sculpture at McCord Park!  Our goal was $5,500; donations totaled $6,975.  There were 23 donors and the BHNA matched donations up to $2,750.  Major benefactors were Jo and Larry Deeb, donating $2,500. 

One of the unique and wonderful qualities of Betton Hills is the willingness of its residents to contribute to its betterment. Thank-you to all the donors for continuing that tradition. The BHNA Board of Directors extends a special thank-you to the Deebs. Their contribution reflects a real appreciation for the Sandy Proctor sculptures, McCord Park, and Betton Hills. We hope all residents will thank the Deebs when they see them!

Here’s how the contributions added up:


The Rest of the Story

You may remember that our sculpture changed over the fundraising period from Anybody Home to Full Team Austin.  The price for “our” sculpture also increased from $5,500 to $7,500.  The difference in what we raised and the actual cost will be made up in two ways:  (1) any additional neighbor contributions and (2) contributions from the original private fundraisers (who guaranteed to cover the difference between the $5,500 and the $7,500 when we were shifted to Full Team Austin).

At this point, a total of seven sculptures will be installed at McCord Park.  Five are installed currently.  The remaining two, Anybody Home and First Mate Pounce will be installed shortly.  They will most likely go south of the bridge, toward Trescott Drive.  Anybody Home will be rather close to the bridge and on the pond side.  First Mate Pounce will land along the pond, probably by the small shelter/sitting bench.  Placements are subject to change.  Installation of the larger sculptures, Tug of War and Turtle Train depends on considerably more contributions from the private donors.  It’s not anticipated that they will be installed in the near future.

Now go out there and enjoy the sculptures!


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