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Food Truck Survey Says…!

2018 April Food Trucks at Betton Hills

We didn’t need a survey to find out that the Food Truck Night at McCord Park in April was a big success. However, we did want to find out more from neighbors to plan for future food truck nights. The results are in. Check them out!

We have 104 survey responses, 85% of which were from attendees.  That’s a great response rate and we thank neighbors very much for completing the survey on-site or online.

Key results

  • 100% said the food truck night should be a regular event.
  • 67% requested monthly; 30% quarterly.
  • Tuesday was the preferred day (34%) and Friday the least preferred, with other days clumping in the 12%-16% percent range.
  • 60% walked to the park; 25% drove.That’s a great percentage for walkers!!
  • Other suggested events that were the big winners:movies in the park and concerts in the park.
  • Identified problems:  long lines, some vendors ran out of food, no bathrooms, and generator noise from the trucks.


Our current plan is to conduct the next Food Truck night in October, most likely combining it with our annual meeting.  We were tempted to do one earlier, but the increasing rain frequency and heat and summer exodus to beaches or mountains gave us pause.  Still, following the October event, we’d like to get on a frequency between monthly and quarterly that allows for some break in the summer and winter.

We’re looking into holding the next food truck night at Winthrop Park to take advantage of bathrooms there.  Plus, we may be able to have more trucks, meaning shorter lines and more food.  We’d schedule on a night that doesn’t have sports activities at the park.

We’re checking with the city’s Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services to arrange for electricity at some park locations to eliminate the need for food truck generators.

How A Few Volunteers Can Help

Be part of a winning event for Betton Hills.  It would be great if we could get 2-3 residents to help us schedule and organize food truck nights on a regular basis.  Mario Taylor, the BHNA’s primary organizer for the previous event, is developing a food truck night checklist.  It will give the steps and suggestions for getting the food truck night up and going with minimal hassle.  A BHNA boardmember will coordinate with the volunteers and acquire the necessary permit.  The food truck night planning can be accomplished in 4-8 hours using the checklist.  And . . . the volunteers get to pick the food trucks!  Interested?  Contact me at


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