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Power Substation 12 Testing May Make Some Noise

TMH Power Substation under Construction

The electrical power generation station being constructed on Medical Drive will be conducting some pre-operational systems checks.  What does that mean for Betton Hills neighbors?  Find out!

What’s Going On?

Following standard procedure, various systems and engine components will need to be cleaned and tested in preparation for bringing the electric power generating units online. This cleaning and testing may occur as early as mid-July.

The testing process is expected to take approximately three weeks with this time spread from the time the testing begins until the substation goes operational (anticipated by October). All start-up and testing will take place during daytime hours to minimize potential noise impacts for area residents.

What Happens?

Some of the systems will require high pressure air for cleaning, which involves periodically opening valves to release pressure. When this occurs, there will be a loud, brief burst of noise. This is similar to what happens when you use a pressure cooker at home; when the pressure inside the pot gets too high, the valve releases air. There should be no cause for concern as there is no safety or environmental impacts associated with the cleaning process, just the brief noise.

Additionally, when the engines are initially started, there is a rare chance that the relief vents will open on the engines’ exhaust pipes. If this occurs, it will sound like a car engine backfiring.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Underground Utilities, Substation 12 Reliability Project (850) 891-5797 or send an email to


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