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Urban Forest and Canopy Preservation Neighborhood Meeting

Betton Hills Sign and Treescape

Join us at the McCollum Center at Lafayatte Park on August 20 at 6:30 PM to talk trees.Our tree canopy depends on you!

Tallahassee Urban Forester Melinda Mohrman will be leading the session.  The agenda includes:

  1. ways Betton Hills and Lafayette Park residents can help us maintain a sustainable and rich canopy,
  2. the Tallahassee Urban Forestry Master Plan and how it impacts our neighborhood, and
  3. any other questions or comments that participants want to discuss related to trees, time permitting.

Our mature urban canopy is one of the things that makes living in Betton Hills and Lafayette Park a delight.  A rich street tree canopy can mean the difference between a comfortable walk or a sweat-soaked march!  Our trees make life better for both residents and critters.  In the past few years, we’ve suffered a number of storms and lots of downed trees, along with more aggresive trimming/removals by the city and residents.

Our goal for this workshop will be to discuss concerns residents have, and to establish information about how residents can help contribute to the long term survival of our streets trees.

Among the most important [benefits of shade trees] to municipalities are significant reductions in stormwater runoff; improved air quality and reductions in greenhouse gases like ozone and carbon dioxide; improved pedestrian and driver safety; and [sic] increased property values…

Strong Towns. In Praise of Street Trees


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