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Hurricane Michael: Calm Before the Storm

Hurricane Michael Radar

Dear Betton Neighbors,

On behalf of our Betton Hills PREP coordinators Margie and Mario and all of our wonderful Prep Block/Street Leaders we hope that you are prepared and ready for Hurricane Michael. We request that you help us by assisting ANYONE with special needs in your area. Just as important as being prepared before the storm we all need to be equally prepared for multiple days after the storm.

Those of you who live on streets that have a PREP leader please contact them for information on what assets (chainsaws, grilles, tools, etc.) are available on your block/street. If you wish to be a PREP Block/Street leader, now is the time to sign up as our goal is to have a PREP Leader on every block/street in Betton. Remember we still have almost 2 months before hurricane season is over.  

Here’s a good list of actions to take before and after the storm.

Also, see the following for important information on Sandbags, Shelters and Comfort Stations locations.

Let’s hope Michael will lose all of its punch before it makes landfall and everyone’s electric power will remain on.


To assist citizens, nearby sandbags are available at:

•Winthrop Park, 1601 Mitchell Avenue)

•James Messer Park South, 2830 Jackson Bluff Road

•Lawrence-Gregory Community Center, 1115 Dade Street

Sandbags are limited to 25 bags per household. You need to bring a shovel to fill bags.  Crews will monitor and provide additional sand and bags as needed. The site will be open until the storm threat has passed and it is determined there is no longer a need.

For seniors and those with special needs, assistance with filling sandbags will be provided at the Messer Park South location.


  • (for storm tracking and emergency response updates, etc.)
  • DigiTally, the City’s free mobile app (for timely information and reporting downed trees, power outages, etc.)
  • and (for timely information about local preparedness and response efforts)
  • WFSU – 88.9 FM (the designated local radio station for storm-related information)
  • Tallahassee Democrat 


The following shelter locations will open tomorrow at noon:

General Population

·        Chiles High School – 7200 Lawton Chiles Lane 32312 (pet friendly)

·        Lincoln High School – 3838 Trojan Trail 32311

·        Fort Braden K-8 – 15100 Bountstown Highway 32310

·        Godby High School – 1717 West Tharpe Street 32303

·        Sail High School – 2006 Jackson Bluff Road 32304

Special Needs

·        Florida High – 3000 School House Rd 32311 (pet friendly)

All shelters have the capability of taking pets, but Chiles High School is the only general shelter that has staff for pets. If you plan to go to a shelter, we recommend that you bring blankets, pillows, snacks, water and entertainment. Meals will likely not be provided.


Water will be available at Fire Stations 1,2,3,4 and 9. The City will also have the following community centers available as comfort stations during normal operating hours:

  • Lawrence-Gregory Community Center — 1115 Dade St.
  • Sue McCollum Community Center, Lafayette Park — 501 Ingleside Avenue
  • Jack McLean Community Center — 700 Paul Russell Road
  • Jake Gaither Community Center — 801 Bragg Drive
  • Walker-Ford Community Center — 2301 Pasco St.
  • The Senior Center — 1400 N. Monroe St.

A comfort station typically can provide a small cooler of ice.  Plus, there will be games and a gym for kids, plus AC and a TV area for everyone.  Please check for updates on hours of operation and availability of services.


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