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BHNA Sets Priorities for 2019

Friendly.  Safe.  Well-being.  Those are three words that the BHNA would like for neighbors to have in mind when they think of Betton Hills.  Recently, the board held a retreat to prioritize how we could best advance those concepts in 2019.  Here are the things we agreed to focus on:


  1. Promote a healthy urban forest, especially through the safe growth of native plants and trees and voluntary removal of non-native invasive plants.
  2. Promote safe walking and bicycling in the neighborhood and city.
  3. Promote responsible trash disposal, recycling, and litter control.
  4. Promote effective communication and coordination between Betton Hills and other neighborhoods and city government.
  5. Seek partnerships with nearby organizations (e.g., Goodwood) and businesses (e.g., Willis Dairy)

Events and Activities (beyond our usual events and activities)

  1. Enhance our PREP program (preparation for hurricanes and other disasters)
  2. Conduct a Spring Cruise-In (gathering of character cars, bikes, motorcycles, and vehicles of all sorts from young and old)
  3. Conduct area history programs in the Betton Cemetery
  4. Conduct home and neighborhood safety programs

Strengthen Communication within the Neighborhood

  1. Restructure and enhance BHNA website
  2. Drive more neighbor interaction and communication to our website and Facebook group

Organizational Diligence

  1. Develop job descriptions for board members and officers
  2. Develop operating procedures for boardmember-led events and activities
  3. Develop procedures for membership management; automating, as possible
  4. Evaluate adding board roles for membership and communications

We’ll be filling in the “sub-points” on these priorities over the next few months.  As we do, we’ll share them with you. 

If you would like to comment on these priorities, add your suggestions, or volunteer to help achieve them, please email me at: