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Thomasville Road: Make It Enjoyable!

Interest in walking and biking in Betton Hills and all of Tallahassee is on the upswing.  Cascades Park and Franklin Boulevard are just two incredible examples of how walking and biking improvements enhance Tallahassee’s beauty and our quality of life.  The Betton Hills Neighborhood Association board has already shared with you our efforts with the city to improve Betton Road for walkers and bicyclists.  Read on to see how we can improve Thomasville Road from Betton to Midtown.

Take the Survey.  Attend the Meeting.

Now, Betton Hills residents have an opportunity to express your ideas to improve Thomasville Road. The Capital Region Transportation Planning Authority (CRTPA) coordinates transportation planning among several levels of government and funding sources in our region.  They are conducting Phase 2 of a transportation project in Midtown, along Thomasville Road from Monroe St. to Betton Road.  Learn more about this project here

The CRTPA wants your input.  We recommend that you complete their survey; it takes 10 minutes or so.  Also, you can attend a public meeting at the Tallahassee Senior Center (Monroe Street) Tuesday, June 4, 6-7:30pm.  Everyone is welcome!

Several of us on the BHNA board and Betton residents are interested in safer, more visually attractive, and more comfortable walking or biking, especially to destinations such as Midtown.  Sidewalk and road design, street trees, road lane width, and the use of two-way rather than one-way streets can work together to achieve these walking and biking enhancements – while making the road safer for motorists. 

What Is and What Could Be

Imagine improving the safety, beauty, and comfort of traveling along Thomasville Road from Betton Road to Midtown, Lake Ella, the Tallahassee Senior Center, and beautiful historical sites like The Grove. Those improvements would be a real plus for us in Betton Hills!

Picture, if you will, you, your child, or grandchild walking or biking on Thomasville Rd. to Midtown.  Which option do you prefer:  the first (what’s there now) or the second (what could be)?

What types of upgrades should we consider?

Wider sidewalks, shade trees, good lighting, and protective barriers between the sidewalk/multiuse path and the road.  It’s on Franklin Blvd. (left picture), why not Thomasville Road?

Bottom Line

Take the survey.  Attend the public meeting.  Let your voice be heard to make Thomasville Road more safe, attractive, and comfortable for all.