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5G Utility Poles Coming to Betton Hills

In 2017, the state legislature passed a law transferring regulation of placement of wireless utility poles in a street’s right of way from local to the state control.  Governor Rick Scott signed the legislation.  You can read the law here. Poles are coming to Betton Hills to enable the 5G technology.

Betton Hills is currently slated to receive the benefit of the state’s wisdom with the placement of three poles:

  1. Southeast side of the intersection of Cline and Armistead
  2. West side of Marston Road, between Ellicott and Demeron
  3. South side of Oakdale just west of the sharp turns that lead to Woodgate

Verizon plans to seek a permit for these three poles.  Once they have the permit, pole construction should start within 90 days.  Other wireless services will be allowed to place their poles, should they go through the permit process.

The good news is that these are poles, not towers.  The example image above comes from by the State Library.  The poles will be close to the height of nearby power poles.  Plus, as the system becomes operational, Betton Hills customers should have greatly enhanced speed and capacity on their internet-connected devices.

Questions? You can contact Mr. Tyler Harrison (891-8476) of the City’s Underground Utilities and Public Infrastructure Dept.