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How your donations helped Kate Sullivan and Cobb Middle Schools

Cobb Middle School and Kate Sullivan Elementary School

Kate Sullivan principal Michael Bryan writes:

Dear Betton Hills Neighborhood Association:

I want to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to the Betton Hills Neighborhood Association for their extremely generous donation of $1000.  This year we will be using the funds to purchase out door picnic tables for our 3rd – 5th grade playground.  They have been asking for this for a while and it will help them immensely with outdoor science lessons, projects, and the occasional student birthday celebration.  We feel especially blessed to be the beneficiaries of such wonderful community support like that of the Betton Hills community.  Please know that we will always allocate these funds for the needs of our most cherished charges–our students.

Thanks again for all you do for us and we hope you have a wonderful summer.


Michael W. Bryan

Additionally, Cobb Middle School principal Sarah Hembree recently provided the board a report of how your Betton Hills donations were allocated to support students’ learning opportunities at the school:

  • $250 was used to purchase summer reading books for 40 students this summer. It allowed all students in the summer program to have a book of choice to read and participate in our summer reading program. This program is specifically for at-risk students and provides meals, instruction, and exploration activities for students.
  • $600 was used for all 6th graders to participate in 1 of 2 field trips – they either went to the Challenger Center to watch an IMAX movie, see a planetarium show, and participate in a mission simulation. The other field trip was a trip to the MagLab to see the composites lab and the scientific method in process. They were able to see scientists in action, see what happens after they experience failure, and participate in a tour of the entire facility. All students will participate in the other field trip next semester.
  • $150 was used for 8th grade students to attend a performance of Opening Nights. They were able to watch a performance of the Hiplets and then tour Cascade and the downtown area with a member of the TCC Center for Innovation.

These experiences have allowed our students to see things within the community that they may not have known was there, and they have provided them with opportunities to see the things they are learning in class actually in real life.

If you are interested in donating to the Jack Robertson Partners for Excellence School Fund, you can do so as part of your annual membership.