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Mitchell Ave. — Done!

Mike Bannister and Mario Taylor removing the yellow caution tape on the newly completed Mitchell Avenue Sidewalk

The Mitchell Ave. improvements concluded silently a week or so ago.  To put on – or take off, actually, the final touches, BHNA board members Michael Bannister and Mario Taylor combined their talents to remove the yellow caution tape from a number of the new poles along the street.
The improvements included a new sidewalk, curb and gutter on west side of street, driving lanes narrowed near the park, new pavement for road and parking spaces, and speed humps reinstalled.  These improvements significantly increase walker and bicyclist safety along the street. 
We’ve learned some things on Mitchell for working with the city on the Betton Road improvements coming up this fall.  But, all-in-all, the BHNA is very happy with the city’s work on Mitchell Ave.

Also, all the walking and biking on our neighborhood streets is great . . . but it does increase the potential for accidents.  This concern, among others for boosting walker and bicyclist safety, inspired BHNA board member Mary Kay Falconer to write a safety guide.  It clarifies the rules of the road and gives safety suggestions for car drivers, walkers, bicyclists, and scooter users.  For instance, a good rule to remember:  Bicycles and scooters always need to make way/yield to walkers.