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Ready for a New Betton Road?

Betton Road Improvments

The time has arrived! The Betton Road facelift will start in late April or May. Anticipated completion is February 2022. This project is extensive and will be done in 7 phases (see list of phases below). It will incorporate roadway and pedestrian improvements, as well as water and sewer upgrades.

During construction, it will be necessary to close Betton Road to thru traffic. Residents in the Betton Hills neighborhood will have access to their homes at all times, although detour routes through the neighborhood will likely change as the project progresses. Consequently, normal traffic patterns will be disrupted and require detours in and around our neighborhood. These detours will send traffic onto streets not normally used by Betton Road motorists. Especially for pedestrians and cyclists, be aware that roads internal to Betton Hills will see an increase in traffic with many drivers unfamiliar with our local streets. Please, be careful!

Updates on this project can be seen at You can find contact information on the site should you have any questions or feedback. If you have not already done so, you can also sign up there to receive project updates via email.

The following is the proposed phasing as laid out in the plans with estimated duration of each phase.

  • Phase 1 – 2 Months – Betton Road closed from Thomasville Road to west of W. Randolph Circle – Mitchell and Trescott will be closed at Betton Road.
  • Phase 2 – 2 Months – Betton Road closed from West of W. Randolph Circle to west of Lee. – W. Randolph and Marion will be closed at Betton Road.
  • Phase 3 – 1 Month – Betton Road closed from Lee Intersection with Betton – The intersection will be closed at Betton.
  • Phase 4 – 1 week – Water & Sewer tie-ins at Centerville Road (No Roadway work in this phase). This work will be going on in conjunction with Phase 5 as well.
  • Phase 5 – 2 Months – Betton Road closed from Centerville to west of E. Randolph – E. Randolph and Spruce are closed to Betton access.
  • Phase 6 – 2 Months – Betton Road closed from west of E. Randolph to east of Lee – Hickory closed to Betton access (install mast arms at Lee traffic signal in this phase).
  • Phase 7 – 1 Month – Final lift, striping, loops, and punchlist. Intermittent closures only, roadway will be mostly open.

The Hickory/Spruce water line project construction duration will be approximately 3.5 months. This work will go on at the same time as other portions of the Betton Road project. This work will be completed prior to closing access to those streets.