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BHNA Statement regarding Thomasville Multi-Use Path

Kimley-Horn Conceptual Rendering of Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path

On August 15, 2021 the Betton Hills Neighborhood Association Board approved a statement against establishing trails through Betton Hill Streets or McCord Park as part of the Thomasville Multi-Use Path as follows:

The BHNA Board approves the following position statements:

  1. The BHNA Board supports upgrading multi-modal transportation infrastructure in the Thomasville Road corridor to improve safety and increase capacity for pedestrians, bicycles and other alternative modes of transportation.
  2. The BHNA does not support trail options on or beside Betton Hills streets or through McCord Park.
  3. The BHNA recommends that the CRTPA staff investigate trail options between Betton Road and Ashford Club Apartments that are behind the businesses along the east side of Thomasville Road to reduce safety issues associated with that trail segment.

Supporting Facts and Considerations

  • Betton Hills Neighborhood Association (BHNA) Board has participated in public engagement opportunities over several years that support improved multi-modal transportation infrastructure throughout the community (e.g., Midtown, Market Square, Cascades Park, FAMU Way, Blair Stone Road, and Franklin Boulevard). The BHNA has provided notice to residents regarding several of these public engagement opportunities (Blast Emails, Facebook page, Newsletter, and Website).
  • The BHNA is aware that Thomasville Road is one of the “most utilized north-south arterials” in Leon County. This corridor has been identified as a major multi-modal project in the current Tallahassee Leon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • The BHNA is aware that CRTPA staff members are currently working on a Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path Feasibility Study. The BHNA appreciated the opportunity to participate in the early stages of this feasibility study.
  • The BHNA Board participated in two virtual presentations by CRTPA staff (the first on February 15, 2021 on the overall trail concept and highlighting the Park-to-Park covered culvert option along the drainage ditch behind residences on the west side of Trescott Drive and on June 21st highlighting an option on the east side of Trescott Drive) that presented multiple options for a multi-use path along Trescott Drive and in McCord Park. BHNA board members shared concerns about the multi-use path options with CRTPA staff during and after these virtual presentations. The video/audio recording of these virtual sessions was made available to residents.
  • The BHNA held a neighborhood meeting on July 24, 2021 during which residents expressed opposition to multi-use path along Trescott Drive.
  • The BHNA is aware that the multi-use path options along Trescott Drive are no longer under consideration by CRTPA staff per their August 3rd, 2021 email.
  • The BHNA recognizes motorist and trail-user safety issues associated with the multi-use trail along the east side of Thomasville Rd. to Betton Rd. to Ashford Club Apartments.
  • The BHNA recognizes the potential security issues associated with the park-to-park nature trail behind the residences on the west side of Trescott Drive. Residents on the west side of Trescott Drive has expressed their opposition to locating the multi-use trail along the park-to-park nature corridor.
  • The BHNA recognizes residents’ opposition to locating the multi-use trail through McCord Park.
  • The BHNA is aware that there has not been any multi-use trail staff proposals presented to the CRTPA for review.
  • The BHNA understands that a CRTPA formal public engagement process on the Thomasville Road Multi-Use path will begin in the fall of 2021 (and will probably run from Sept 15 to Nov 15).

Download a PDF copy of this statement