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Betton Hills Halloween Trick-or-Treating Guidelines

Spooky halloween house

Here is our ghoulish guide for keeping our neighbors scared, chilled to the bone, and SAFE!

Giving out treats

  • Put away your cauldrons! Don’t have a bowl filled with treats to grab. Our little monsters must only paw their own goodies. Get creative instead!
  • Set out treats individually by using spaced out treat bags (available by request*).
  • Use your emergency stash of wooden stakes for some “Stick-or-Treat” in your yard.
  • Drop socially distanced goodies into bags that kids set on your table with a three-foot grabber stick (we have them!*).
  • Decorate a wrapping paper tube or PVC pipe and slide a treasure down for kids to catch. Don’t forget your ZOMBIE-PROOF hand sanitizer and PPE!
  • Don’t let the goblins darken your door! Why hand out from your door, when you can setup a table/stand at the end of your driveway or yard? Coffins are fine, but car trunks are not.
  • Sorry, witches & warlocks, but poisoned apples are prohibited! No homemade treats. Keep candy packages closed until preparing to give out.
  • Sanitize hands and minimize touching treat wrappers
  • Try not to ghost us! Participate by watching from your porch. Dress up & decorate if you can. Have as much fun as possible for SCREAMING out loud!

* Email for supplies


  • Don’t hunt in packs! Have a bowling good time with just your household.
  • Don’t haunt your neighbors! Stay 6 ft or more from other groups. Wait for groups to clear before approaching a driveway or yard.
  • Scary good hygiene. Bring hand sanitizer and don’t touch your face! Wash hands before you trick!
  • Bring a mask for times that you can’t socially distance! It will keep germs & vampires away!
  • Don’t lurk in doorways! Knock, knock, knocking on doors is a no go!
  • Avoid rebels without a cause. Only take candy from houses that follow the rules!