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Native Trees Bring Bursts of Color in the Fall

A Reflection Shared by Betton Hills Neighbors

My husband Jody and I canoed on the lower Wakulla River last week. The shore was lined with a gorgeous display of color – the russet shades of bald cypress, yellows and purples of sweetgum, and bold reds and oranges of red maple – all pleasantly reflected upon the surface of the river. Some folks feel a need to head for the mountains of North Carolina for a more intense show of autumn foliage. The mild autumn days and cool, crisp, but not freezing evenings contribute to this more concentrated and striking display of color. Here in Tallahassee, the show is more subtle, spread over a longer period of time – the deep red blackgums beginning the procession with Japanese maples and American beeches bringing up the rear.

This wonderful show of color happens to correspond nicely with the beginning of prime time for planting trees in our area, December through February. If you have room for trees in your yard and want to add to the palette of fall color in your neighborhood, consider the following native trees – hickory, American beech, blackgum, red maple, Florida sugar maple, chalk maple, swamp chestnut oak, white oak, sassafras, sourwood, blue beech, silverbell and flowering dogwood.