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Author: Donna Legare

Make Your Own Compost

There is an old saying among gardeners – compost happens! Did you ever stop to think what would become of fallen leaves left beneath a tree if they did not decompose naturally? We would be neck-deep in leaves! Just as with making chili, there are many recipes for making compost – some hot, some mild.…

Making McCord Park Woods Right for Natives

Invasives Gone Wild

Over the years Betton Hills Neighborhood Association has worked closely with City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation on the management of McCord Park. The City has always supported our Arbor Day activities from planting and maintaining native trees, installing bird and bat houses, and removal of invasive plant species in the park.…

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Tree Planting Success

When I plant a tree, I expect it to be there for a 100 years or more! That doesn’t always happen. We planted a tulip poplar in 1979. It grew beautifully into an 80 foot tree but was blown down, completely uprooted, during Hurricane Michael.…