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Did you know Betton Hills has a community garden?

Community gardening provides not only healthful food and exercise but also the joys of a connected community working together. In 2012, the Betton Hills Community Garden was formally established by Sue Hansen on city park property following city guidelines for community gardens.

The community garden is located in McCord Park off of Cline Street. Parcels are managed by Eliza Hawkins. If you’re interested in getting a parcel, there is a private Facebook Group that you can request access to.

Plots: The garden has 30 plots (sizes 10’ x10’, 8’x4, 4’x4’) available on a first come first serve basis. First year initiation fees are $20, $10, and $5 respectively with annual fees of $10, $5. and $2.50 thereafter. Fees are used to cover shared costs such as water utilities, joint equipment, pest control, etc.

When, What, and How to Plant: There are three planting seasons in Tallahassee (zone 8) Spring, Summer and Fall. There are a number of resources available to help new gardeners: UF IFAS Gardening Solutions “Vegetable Gardening by Season”.

BHCG Location: The Garden is located on the west side of Cline Street between Trescott and Armistead Rd next to McCord Park at 2208 Cline Street.

Want a Plot?:  Anyone wishing to have a plot in the community garden can contact Eliza Hawkins or Dustin Carruthers; Vacant plots are also periodically posted on the Betton Hills Neighborhood Facebook page and the Community Garden Facebook page (or email us, and we will add you to this group to monitor for vacant plots). Vacant plots are advertised usually in January or February of each year when leases are up.