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August 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:04PM (on Zoom).
  2. Attending were: Mike Brezin, Mary Kay Falconer, Casey McLaughlin, Pat Brueckheimer, Melissa Jacoby, Eliza Hawkins, Mario Taylor, Donna Legare, Michael Bannister, Tom Schulte, Margie McInnes.
  3. Membership: Casey reported that there has been an increase of about 4 members, bringing the total to 360. Michael Bannister has picked up all the mail from the BHNA PO Box and passed the checks on to Tom Schulte.
  4. Treasurer Report: Tom Schulte reported that there has not been activity on the account since the last meeting, and the balance is $11,967.
  5. The Minutes had been distributed via email prior to the meeting. Pat made a motion, seconded by Melissa, to accept the Membership Report, Treasurer Report and July Minutes.
  6. Harriman Pond: Donna and Mike Brezin met with Ashley Edwards and Brian Hopper (COT) about the project. They propose planting the 2 Tupelo trees on Arbor Day and organizing a separate spring planting of a reduced number of plants in one gallon containers. This planting would be organized in cooperation with Ed Oaksford to involve some of the Harriman Circle neighbors as well as other neighborhood volunteers. We would probably plant a total of 40 plants to add to the un-mowed strip and water’s edge. We will also give the 10 foot buffer another year to see if plants will move in on their own, which is what Brian would like to do. Mike reported that Ed Oaksford has come up with a cover to block turtles from getting stuck in the Harriman Pond drain.
  7. McCord Park: Mary Kay said that there are at least 2 dog leash signs at the McCord Park entrances. The Ragweed has not been cut yet. That needs to be done before it goes to seed. It’s possible that COT employees will not be able to get to this project in time due to budget/staff issues.
  8. Market District Park: Mary Kay spoke about a new park that is being planned in the Market District near Sage Restaurant. The plan is for limited structures with open space and trails. Suggestions for this park are being accepted via an online survey. The link to use is: tallahasseemarketdistrict.com.
  9. Betton Hills FaceBook: Melissa and Mike had submitted suggestions for changes to our neighborhood FB rules. This is in an effort to reduce advertisements and find a middle ground between no advertisements at all and unlimited advertisements. The concept is called “Service Sunday” and is modeled on the Tallahassee Moms FB guidelines. Board members are requested to submit their comments to Mike Brezin before close of business on Friday, August 21.
  10. Neighborhood Leadership Academy: Eliza Hawkins, Mary Kay Falconer and Pat Brueckheimer are registering to attend this series. Most of the Board members have attended over the years and highly recommend it.
  11. Betton Hills Website: Casey has been working on articles from Donna, and is also updating the online Membership process which will take a few months.
  12. Betton Road- Michael Bannister spoke with Eric Houge, Program Engineer with Capital Improvements regarding the final plans for Betton Road. Michael asked if there were any changes from the plan done in the spring, and for a link to review the plans when they are finished. Time frames and budgets may well be altered due to Covid driven budget shortfall.
  13. PREP-Mario reported no changes in the program.
  14. Onsite Shredder Service-Margie is securing more quotes from other companies.
  15. The meeting was adjourned.