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Halloween Crawl 2023

Betton Hills Halloween Crawl

This event has ended

It’s almost time for Betton Hills’ 4th Annual Halloween Crawl! Want to join in on the fun? Sign up here to get your home added to our interactive trick-or-treating map:

Participating in the crawl is easy. Simply post your Pumpkin Sign out near your mailbox throughout October to let people know that you’ll be participating, and hand out treats from the end of your lawn or driveway on Halloween!

Setting up your candy-distribution near the curb on the 31st creates an amazing block party vibe and makes trick-or-treating fast and easy for kids. We’re at least doubling the number of stops they can hit in a large, spread-out neighborhood like ours!

Posting our Pumpkin Signs near our mailboxes all month long shows everyone that Betton Hills is big on Halloween and helps to drum up participation for the festivities! Last year we had over 180 households participate, let’s blow that out of the water this year!

Map of Residents

This map will live-update when new houses register.