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January 2019 Board Meeting and Retreat

This event has ended


Guiding Principles/Commitments/Priorities for BHNA—Fall 2018 (Draft for Discussion)

  1. Promote a Healthy Tree Canopy
    1. Have trees inspected by licensed arborist
    2. Plant more trees, particularly if there are older trees in yards that might need to be removed within a few years
    3. If a tree is cut down, always plant another tree
    4. Order and plant trees through the Tallahassee Arbor Day Program
    5. Participate in the BHNA Arbor Day Event
  2. Promote Responsible Trash Disposal
    1. Recycle every Week
    2. Prepare Yard Trash for Composting or Being Hauled Away for Mulching
    3. Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste each Month at the Miccosukee/Blairstone intersection County Operation Center on the first Saturday of each month
  3. 3. Promote Safe Multi-Modal Transportation
    1. Ensure Sidewalk Connectivity
    2. Ensure Safe Pedestrian Crosswalks
    3. Monitor Traffic Speed on Neighborhood Streets
    4. Monitor CRTPA and related transportation decision making groups
  4. Promote Activities in Parks (depends on volunteers to organize these activities)
    1. Encourage and support a variety of activities in neighborhood parks that are open to the public
    2. Organize Food Truck Events
    3. Show Movies in Parks
    4. Organize Neighborhood Bike Rides and Walks
  5. Promote Preparation for Hurricanes and Other Disasters (Margie and Mario insert relevant actions and tasks)
  6.  Promote communication and interaction between neighbors through our website and on Facebook
  7. Promote Effective Communication between BHNA/Other Neighborhoods and the City of Tallahassee
    1. Receive timely notification of and requests for input when Infrastructure Changes in or adjacent to our neighborhood are under consideration
    2. Participate in an alliance of neighborhoods
  8. Promote Efforts to Remove and/or Control Invasive Plants
    1. Share information about invasive plants and how the spread of them can be controlled
  9. 9. Promote Pet Safety
    1. Share information on lost pets
    2. Share information on responsible pet ownership in our parks