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March 2019 Board Meeting

This event has ended

DRAFT >>> Pending board approval at April 2019 Board Meeting

Present: Mike Brezin, Donna Legare, Mario Taylor, Casey McLaughlin, Mary Kay Falconer, and Ann Riley

1. Courtney Thomas, Director of External Affairs in the Mayor’s office attended the meeting and offered help with neighborhood issues. We requested her help in expediting the changes planned for Betton Road. Although we have met with the City and there is an agreed course of action, no further work has taken place, and there’s a sense the work is not imminent. The name of the engineer that is leading the project for the City and the list of potential modifications provided to the City will be sent to Courtney.

Other items discussed include:

A. An invitation was extended to both the Mayor and Courtney to Springfest as well as a tour of Betton Hills.

B. The drainage projects that are either in progress or will be.

C. Issues with trash. Courtney advised the Mayor is aware it is an issue.

D. Arbor Day and the planting that takes place at McCord park, the work to remove invasive plants and the urban forest initiative.

2. Reports

Minutes. One change: Donna will provide an article for the email alert and perhaps for the spring newsletter on residents’ yard being part of the urban forest. We agreed we would put a draft of the minutes as quickly as possible with the note they will be approved at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s report: Tom sent the March treasurer’s report and Mike shared it with the board. Casey will revise the report based on recent membership renewals.

Membership Report: Casey provided the report that shows we have 287 members who have paid through February. He’s going to add a comparison to the year before so that we can find out where we are. Mario made a motion and Mary Kay seconded accepting the reports.

3. Updates

Springfest Cruise-In: Mario has a conflict the weekend selected of May 19, therefore we needed to select another day. Sunday, May 5, was ultimately chosen. It will be at Harriman Circle. We will encourage people to bring chairs because it may not be a good idea to sit on the grass. We are going to have food trucks, and the time would be 1-4. We’ll do ice cream for free and Mario will get another couple of food trucks. We will need to buy ice cream, cookies, serving utensils, etc. We will plan to do a neighborhood table to promote the BHNA. Mario will also do a flyer with the traditional signs a week ahead of time to promote the car/bike/vehicle aspect of the event. We established this isn’t in place of block parties: we will still encourage those. Mike is aiming to get the newsletter out before Easter, so Mario will put an article promoting the event.

Software Update: Casey got the automated update of membership done so it will automatically update the website. Members will be able to see if their membership is up-to-date.

Facebook: the solicitation of fish dip will end as it violates the spirit of the Betton Hills postings. Mike suggested we have a local corner for local businesses. Mario also brought up the Next Door solicitation that look like they are coming from the Association. There’s another issue that was a result of Facebook postings where a child in the neighborhood was approached by someone who was overly aggressive. Basically, we need guidelines for what can be posted. Subsequently, Mike issued some guidelines for Board Member’s feedback.

Urban Forest: Donna will write an article for the website, newsletter and direct email. It will focus on resident’s yard as being part of the urban forest. We’ve had a volunteer express interest in planting crepe myrtles on Betton Rd. Donna noted the fringe trees and the silver bells did well. Donna offered to include a list of trees on their wind resistance in her article.

PREP: Mario will meet with leaders in April and will be ready to kick it off in May. He will be getting together with Gini West to include needs for elderly and special needs.

Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods: Representatives met with city managers. They would like to see ATN become more available to disseminate city information and be available to city leadership for input on city projects.


Expected issue date is before Easter. We need to limit the number of pages although in the last newsletter, 3 pages were dedicated to membership list.

Articles are due to Mike by March 27. He will get it to Marissa by March 29 and she will get it to Target by April 5

School donations:

It was agreed we would up the neighborhood association contributions to Leon, Cobb and Kate Sullivan to $1,000 each.