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McCord Park Work Day to Remove Invasive Plants

This event has ended

We had a productive two-hour work session with 13 ESP (Environmental Service Program) students from FSU and 8 Betton Hills Neighborhood Association members on a misty Saturday morning in October. Some of our experienced BHNA folks opted to continue clipping ardisia berries and digging the plants from the woodland nearest the Komodo Dragon Sculpture. Unfortunately, skunk vine has recently invaded this woodland and is fast becoming a major problem that the City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department will have to deal with eventually.

Jody led a small crew of students digging out potato vine growing along the shore of McCord Pond and continued removing Chinese tallow, camphor, Ligustrum, mimosa and Taiwan cherry trees. Donna led the rest of the troops to the border between the park and the fence line near Thomasville Road. We pulled skunk vine from trees and shrubs, following the stems back to the soil where we dug it out. The students also diligently dug ardisia.

Unfortunately, the owners of the house closest to Thomasville Road had planted fig vine all along their 10-foot fence and it has traveled into the park and is climbing all the trees along this border. Our team removed a good deal of it but more remains to be done. One student asked, “Why isn’t it illegal to plant this plant?” Good question.

Thanks to the following neighbors: Donna Legare, Jody Walthall, Ross Ellington, Kris Ellington, Scott Ellington, Mike Dugger, Randy Murrell, Karen Murrel. And a big thank you to our student volunteers: Owen Jackson, Justin Milledge, Lore Nix, Thomas Windisch, Nicholas George, Richard Thomas, Sebastian Garces, Juan Gutierrez, Karyn Fix, Lily Miasa, Georgia Atlin, Colby Jacobs, S. Moritz Dehler.

Please join us removing invasive plants from McCord Park on Saturday, Oct 14.

The FSU Environmental Service program will, once again, be helping remove invasive plants at McCord Park this fall. Neighbors are invited to join in the work. Please bring loppers, pruners. shovels and work gloves if you have them. Also bring your own water bottle. It is always fun to work with an enthusiastic group of young people.

There will be donuts! We will gather near the Armistead Rd. parking area at 9AM