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October Board Meeting

Virtual Board Meeting

This event has ended

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:08PM.

2. Attending were: Mike Brezin, Margie McInnes, Mary Kay Falconer, Melissa Jacoby, Eliza Hawkins, Donna Legare, Geoffrey Deibel, Casey McLaughlin, Tom Schulte, Michael Bannister.

3. The June Minutes had been distributed by Email prior to the meeting. There were no changes made to the minutes.

4. Membership: Casey reported that there were no new or renewed members during this past month. 46 Members had prepaid for 2021. Mike has some membership checks that will need to be processed.

5. Treasurer Report: Tom has not received a recent bank statement so will follow up on that. The current balance in our account is $11,543.52.

6. Melissa made a motion, seconded by Donna, to approve the Minutes, Membership Report and Treasurer Report. The motion passed unanimously.

7. Fall Newsletter: This edition will be mailed out on Tuesday or Wednesday as the schedule went on time.

8. Neighborhood Leadership Academy: Mary Kay reported that the meetings she attended (virtually) were helpful and she is sharing slides with Casey. Photos could be used on our website.

8. Welcome Committee: Mary Kay is developing some ideas for reviving this committee. The goal is to provide new neighbors with a welcome letter, perhaps business cards of local businesses, steer them to our Website and FaceBook page, and let them know they have one year free membership. Tom will contact Naumann Group for the list of new Betton Hills homeowners.

9. Capital Regional Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA): Mary Kay has remained involved with this agency and their activities. MPO met today. They are conducting a feasibility study for options. Possible multi use path on Thomasville Road. Public engagement sessions for a new park on Market Street are being conducted.

10. Halloween Update: The guidelines for celebrating Halloween in our neighborhood have been posted on our FaceBook page and sent out via Email Blast. Several residents have helped organize this so that kids can enjoy the holiday safely. The guidelines include no contact distribution of treats and safe distance between family groups.

11. FaceBook Business Wednesday: Melissa said that this new feature-restricting advertisements to only on Wednesday’s FB page- has been implemented and is working well.

12. BHNA Website: Casey gave an update on our Website. The content is up to date. The listing of Board members is current. Do we want to include headshots? He will give us a demonstration at an upcoming Board meeting. He suggests that we advertise our website on our FaceBook page and in an Email Blast.

13. McCord Park Update: Donna and Jody marked an area of woody invasives (including Tallow, Drake Elm and Ligustrum) on a corner of McCord Pond. They sent an email to the City regarding removal of the invasives. The project is too big for our Arbor Day volunteers but could be accomplished in conjunction with City staff and hired workers. Donna will ask Brian Hopper from City Parks Dept. to come and take a tour with them and discuss options to handle this ongoing issue.

14. ATN and Audubon. Mike and Donna expressed concerns about the large oak tree on the old Envision Credit Union property at the corner of Monroe and Virginia. While the city’s urban forester is involved, the city’s position is that certain limbs and branches can be removed without significantly damaging the tree. Our concerns relate to how the city doesn’t hesitate to bend over backwards to help developers, particularly with regard to onsite tree protections, even when the developer is receiving public money as a development incentive. There needs to be stronger tree protections to help preserve and enhance the natural character of Tallahassee.

15. Mike Brezin will miss the November 16 meeting, and Michael Bannister will handle it.

16. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Margie McInnes