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Did you know that Betton Hills has a neighborhood Facebook page? The group is private, but we encourage you to join it by requesting access via Facebook.

Betton Business Wednesday

We have established Betton Business to provide Betton Hills Facebook group members a convenient way to promote their businesses and services within our neighborhood.  We hope this will provide a good balance between those who don’t want any sales or promotion on the group page and those whose position is “just scroll on by”.

Who and When:

  • You may advertise a for profit or not-for-profit personal business/service that is yours, your family/spouse’s, or your or spouse’s place of employment only on Betton Business Wednesday.
  • The business/service may be an informal one; i.e., not registered with the state.
  • Those seeking recommendations for needed services, e.g., a good plumber, appliance repair, bathroom remodeler may do so on any day; you do not need to use Betton Business Wednesday.
  • Teenagers and younger children may post any day of the week for seeking jobs (lawn mowing, babysitting, pet sitting, etc.) in the neighborhood.
  • Single or infrequent (less than once a month) sales or giveaways (e.g., sale/rent home, giveaway cardboard boxes, plants, furniture, etc.) can be posted anytime during the week.
  • Realtor house sales or rentals must use a Betton Business Wednesday posting.
  • Adults who have a need to advertise more frequently than on Wednesdays should consider creating a personal Facebook page, use Facebook Marketplace, or create an email/phone list of frequent customers.


  • Post must be clearly identified with “Betton Business Wednesday” spelled out at the top, not buried in the post.
  • Each business may have only ONE Betton Business Wednesday post. A business/service may not post multiple different Betton Business Wednesday posts on the same day.
  • Please do not “engage in sales” on the page. If a member asks about pricing or sales, PM them or direct them to your personal page.
  • You may answer Betton Business Wednesday questions under the post any time during the week but you may not bump or comment for purposes of moving your post to the top of the page.
  • You may include photos but no GIFs.

We trust our neighbors to follow the Betton Business Wednesday rules. The administrators do not want to be in a careful monitoring role. That said, a post that violates the rules will be removed. If repeated, the group member will be restricted from posting or commenting for 24 hours.